Video or multi-media presentations can add a great deal of emotion to a service and is a wonderful way to farewell a loved one. You can choose music that they loved and match it to still pictures or video.


Webcasting is a brilliant way to broadcast a service to family and friends who are unable to attend in person. Ask us how you can invite everyone to remember your loved one, irrespective of where they may be in the world.


William Barrett and Sons can assist in the design and production of any printed materials requested for a funeral service. These personalised materials can be anything from bookmarks, orders of service booklets, postcard size remembrance cards, thank you cards, and bereavement cards. Click here for examples.

A Lifetime of Memories book may also be produced which collects photographs, eulogies, messages of condolences and other memorabilia as a lasting keepsake.

Other options available include magnets and stubby holders, but these options take more time to produce.


Photographic Tribute DVDs are a beautiful way to contribute to the life story of a loved one. If you wish to organise a Photographic Tribute we suggest supplying 25 to 30 photos (digital or original), which are matched to your chosen piece of music of around 5 minutes in length.

Each DVD is personalised to match either the printing being used for the funeral, if printed materials are chosen.

If the photos supplied are original, we scan them and perform some restoration to them as required. If the photos supplied are digital, the file size should be a minimum of 500kB, but the larger the file size, the better the final product.

A copy of the DVD is supplied after the funeral, as well as a video file of the Memorial Tribute and the scanned photos on USB. Additional copies may be ordered as required.

The Photographic Tribute will be released on your loved one’s eTribute following the service to allow family and friends access after the service has taken place.


If you wish to have an enlarged and framed photograph at the service, we are able to supply these in A3 and A4 sizes.


We are able to professionally video record a funeral service in HD anywhere in the South West of W.A. The footage is edited and a DVD and USB version of the service is produced. The Photographic Tribute, if produced by us, is edited into the DVD at the relevant place.

This recording can be shared on your loved one’s eTribute if you wish to allow family and friends to view the service at a later date.


We are able to live broadcast the funeral service to the internet. This allows family and friends who are unable to attend the opportunity to watch, hear and be a part of the service as it happens from wherever they are in the world.

We also record the service and a copy of the service is supplied in HD.


We are able to supply mobile TV units to locations within the southwest. These can be used to play Photographic Tribute DVDs at facilities without the required AV capabilities; and for video broadcasting the service, if the gathering is large and people are unable to be inside the main service location.

All multimedia options above are supplied by Multimedia Memories. For more information, visit, or call us on 9722 5311 at anytime.