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William Barrett and Sons believe that a funeral service should celebrate the life of a person in a personal way. When someone dies, those left behind are responsible for shaping the funeral. Their best guide to doing this can be the wishes left behind by their loved one. A William Barrett and Sons Pre-Arranged Funeral Plan can guide your family in what your final wishes are and how you wish your life to be honoured.


People may pre-arrange a funeral for a variety of reasons. Some people want to have their wishes recorded for future reference, others to gain financial benefit or for the financial benefit of others, or to lift some of the burden from their loved ones during an incredibly difficult time.


According to individual wishes, a funeral may be pre-arranged, pre-paid, or both. When a funeral is pre-arranged, the personal information required for death registration is recorded. It is very important to have this information kept safe, as it is required to obtain the death certificate. It is also important to record your wishes for the funeral. If your wishes are written down it removes doubt for those left behind in planning the funeral. People often record their funeral wishes in a Will, but often the Will is not read until after the funeral has taken place.

Our individual service profile is used to record this information. Regardless of whether you wish to pre-arrange your funeral with one of our consultants, this form should be completed and your next of kin or executor should be made aware of its location.

Once a funeral is pre-arranged, it is possible to give an idea of the costs of the service. There are three types of cost associated with a funeral:


William Barrett and Sons have a professional service fee which covers all of the professional staff services, premises, vehicles and equipment. It is also common to choose and pay for a coffin or casket at the time of pre-arrangement. Once fully paid, these fees become fixed and never change. The only exception is if, at the time of the funeral, there is an after-hours service, mileage fees have changed or Taxes have increased.


Some cemeteries allow pre-purchasing of graves and interment fees at a fixed cost, others reservations while some offer no pre-purchasing at all. Crematoriums allow pre-purchasing of cremation certificates and placement of ashes. Our knowledgeable staff can offer advice on individual cemetery and crematorium by-laws.

Where possible, Cemetery or Crematorium fees would be fixed once paid. If your chosen Cemetery or Crematorium does not offer this, the fees are variable and the difference would be paid at the time of the Funeral.


It is common for items such as flowers, newspaper notices, printing services, photographic tributes, clergy/celebrant fees and other costs to be included in the main funeral account. These costs are variable and cannot be fixed but it is possible to put money aside to help cover these costs.

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Begin pre-arranging your funeral now with our our Funeral Planner tool.


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